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Add Set of Vacuum Tubes

Retro Radio Farm
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It's nice to have an extra set of vacuum tubes handy!

These are vintage vacuum tubes. May be used vacuum tubes. Not New Old Stock (NOS). There are no modern manufacturers for these coded tubes.

All pre-tested measured good. May include original boxes, depends on available inventory. May be shipped with vintage boxes or white generic boxes. Tube number on boxes may not match tubes contained within.

50C5 - amplifier tube

35W4 - Rectifier

12AV6 - AVC (or 12AU6 or 12AT6, please specify)

12BA6 - pre-amp

12BE6 - Converter

Brands vary: Westinghouse, Sylvania, Motorola, GE, Emerson, Admiral, Travler, Arvin, Silverton, Zenith

If you want specific manufacturer brands or a specific manufacturer matching set, please allow 2-3 weeks extra.

Warranty: No warranty.

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