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Retro Radio Farm - Restored Vintage & Retro Radios

Retro Radio Farm is way behind its time! Instead of sleek, cutting edge stereo equipment, we prefer the unique look of vintage radios. Rather than seeking out the artificially generated digital sound that is so popular today, we dig the warm, analog sound of yesteryear and the comforting, nostalgic tones of good old-fashioned radio waves transmitting voices and music through vacuum tubes.

If you are a lover of vintage radios, Retro Radio Farm is the place for you to buy, sell, or get a vintage radio fixed or upgraded. Here we’re all collectors, admirers, and aficionados of these old glories: General Electric, Philco, Admiral, RCA Victor, Westinghouse, Motorola—all the American brands of your childhood.

These radios are more than just old objects, they represent history and fond memories you want to hold on to. These beauties represent the quality and style of a bygone era, the same sleek design of the space race era and flashy future-looking euphoria you see in automobiles of the 1950s and 60s. Things weren’t made quick, cheap, and disposable then. They were stylish, solid, and built to last. There is unique character in each vintage unit we see, and Retro Radio Farm looks to share the joy of keeping the past alive through careful restoration.

Among serious collectors of vintage radios, Retro Radio Farm is known for high quality work. Every radio unit we buy is given a thorough examination, and gets meticulously cleaned and repaired with as many original parts as possible. We carefully inspect and test all components parts like capacitors, resistors, transformers, diodes and vacuum tubes and align everything back to the original factory specifications. Our goal is to restore each radio so it will last and be enjoyed by many more generations. After we refurbish radios we test them, inside and out, and can upgrade an AM only radio to AM/FM, and even make units Bluetooth, MP3, and/or smart speaker compatible.

So have a look around and treat yourself to an authentic piece of history. Maybe you’re a collector of retro radios and are looking for a new piece to admire. Perhaps you’re outfitting a classic trailer or vintage camper or you’re hunting for the same radio of your teenage years. Or you’re looking for a functional work of art to display on a shelf. Whatever the reason, we’re sure you’ll enjoy perusing our collection of rare and hard-to-find old radios. You’ll want to keep coming back too, as we’re always adding to our inventory as we restore new gems we find in garage sales, estate auctions and antique shops.

Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or get a unit refurbished, Retro Radio Farm is the place to come for excellent vintage radio selection and customer care. Yeeeee-Haw!

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