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Add MP3 to Classic Car Radio

Retro Radio Farm Service
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Play music from your iPOD, MP3 Player! Modification allows any retro car radio to play your MP3 music! Plug your iPOD, MP3 player to the standard 3.5 mm jack. Uses original radio volume and tone control. Balance control may be de-activated.


YouTube demonstration:

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1. Comes with qty(1) x 3.5mm-to-3.5mm cable.



This service connects 3.5mm stereo input to your vintage AM car radio. 3.5mm jack can be mounted to front bezel of the AM car radio or routed out the back. You can mount on underside of dash, glove compartment, console, etc yourself.


Sound Fidelity:

Old AM car radios were not known for their audio fidelity. The amplification circuit was basically linear. There was very little frequency based response. Plus, the speakers were 6"x 9" ovals or 5" round single range speakers. Not a whole lotta boom. Put it this way; you won't shake any windows in the barrio.


Required: Your car radio is working. Otherwise, you need this.



The metal chassis will be drilled to accommodate the cable stress relief bushing which is approximately 1/2" diameter. The connection will be made to seem as inconspicuous as possible. Alternately, a RCA input jack may be used depending on the application. Whatever makes most sense. If you opt to have the 3.5mm or RCA jack out the front, you may specify the approximate location. I will do my best to locate the jack location according to your wishes. Optimally, you provide a scan of the front bezel and pinpoint the location for me yourself. 

If you wish to preserve the originality of the radio front bezel, the input cable can be routed out the back of the radio. You must mount the input jack within the vehicle yourself. I will provide enough cable length to span your dashboard or center console. All physical modifications are irreversible to some extent. Most electronic modifications are reversible to some extent.



You will not hear the radio and your auxiliary input playing simultaneously. The MP3 input cuts off the AM radio as soon as you plug it in. You must turn on the car radio to operate. The volumes may not be the same, so you may need to adjust the volumes on the radio or your music player, or both. All the forward, skip, pause, volume, selection, shuffle, back, functions on your music player will continue to work as normal. This modification service does not include a microphone installation.



Once the radio is modified for auxiliary input, it cannot be reversed without replacement or restoration services or both. You know what they say about originality; "it's only original once." For this reason, none of these radios are modified unless a customer asks for it.



This MP3 service is not refundable.



Use only as recommended. Not responsible for damage to your music player, MP3, other device. Not responsible for damage to your radio as a result of using non recommended music player, input device, MP3, or other device.

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