Retro Radio Farm Celebrates 10 Years!


Thank You!


It has been our pleasure and privilege to serve you for the past 10 years!

With your continued support, we look forward to serving you during the next 10 years and beyond! 

We are proud of our successes over the past decade. We accomplished a lot and we have come a long way...

You are the reason for our success, and the main reason we continue to do what we do!

And we sincerely appreciate it!


We Have So Much To Be Thankful For!


The mid-twentieth century period has given us so much to appreciate. Vintage radios is just one product category during this peak period in American design history which should be saved and remembered.

We have seen the appreciation and value for these old radios skyrocket in the past ten years! Thanks to all of you, we are reassured our original vision for the appreciation of these things will continue to grow!

Over the years we have gotten to know many of you. You have shared your opinions with us, and we have listened. We continue to watch for the latest trends and continue to source from the most exclusive channels.

Our mission is to save and restore old, unwanted radios for future generations to enjoy. We have stayed true to originality whenever possible. But we also believe that customers deserve choices. So they can enjoy these radios in their own way.


We Have Come A Long Way!


We continue to offer the best repair and restoration services available for old radios anywhere for any price! Our experience over the years working on old radios, literally thousands of them, gives us an unmatched make, model and manufacturer specific insights over anyone else. Minimizing repair damage.

We are the only company to offer Bluetooth upgrade that is 100% integrated with the old radio analog circuit which is also reversible. When we first started offering Bluetooth, we were like everyone else using a Bluetooth peripheral via auxiliary cable. The old approach requires batteries which must be recharged and is also noisy.


We Look Forward To Serving You!

Our presence has given us a unique advantage in being able to source the best and rarest models available on the market today. We take every offer to buy very seriously, whether it be an offer to buy one radio or a whole collection.

We are always looking to expand. Whether it be expanding the number of radios in our inventory, or the type of radios, or adding an upgrade service option, or expanding ways in which we connect with you. Our mission is to ensure these radio objects of beauty are appreciated for many generations to come.

We will continue to share our found treasures restored to their original glory in working condition. We will continue to offer the best selection of add-on upgrades that is sure to appeal to your specific needs. We will continue to innovate and adapt to new modern technologies.

Once again, our gratitude and appreciation and,

Thank You!




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