Motorola Clock Radios - Very Sweet, Looks Hip Even Today!

The product designers must have been given a blank slate back in 1956. The designs that came from Motorola seemed to leap frog all others. They must have felt competition from the likes of General Electric, RCA, and Zenith at that time, and needed to show the world they were a force to be reckoned with!

Motorola clock radios represent the best of collectible vintage radios. They were well made with trend setting styles and bold imaginative colors. Of all the clock radio and radio manufacturers, it not surprising Motorola is still round today.

Motorola was one of the few companies that supplied the auto industry with car radios. Selling cars forced manufacturers to pinpoint customer wants. That sensibility advantaged Motorola above others and resulted in some very memorable and collectible radio designs.

Motorola heyday for clock radio and radio design was in the late 50s with the introduction of several new models.


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