Happy St Patrick's Day!

In Honor of the Patron Saint of the Green Isle!



Top Ten Green Radios!

Vintage green radios are rare compared to brown and ivory. Less common than pink and turquoise even. Probably as common as red but not as rare as true purples, oranges, or yellows.

It is fitting on this day of the Irish to share our Top 10 favorite green radios we've come across over the years. Some of which we still have, for sale or not, and some which we've sent on to loving homes.

For Your Smiling Eyes...

10. 1957 Arvin 5561 - So hard to find. Such a quirky and over blown design with waffle within a waffle patterned grill. So much to say about this one, and even more to look at! This design kicks off our list representing more-is-better mentality of the late fifties. And in pastel "Mist" green.



9. 1950 Model 43-8225. In stark contrast to the one preceding, this Coronado exemplifies less-is-more when it comes to styling, proportions, and tasteful use of different materials. The cool shade of green adds to the overall tranquility and balance of the design.



8. 1955 Arvin Model 5571 - Our second nod to the Arvin team. We applaud this design for its obvious risk taking combined with naivete and unusual resolution of curves and overhangs. It's interesting enough to warrant a second look at a different angle.


7. 1956 Emerson Model 876B - This Emerson example is actually better because of this particular shade of green. If the green was darker, muted, or blended, the design wouldn't be as memorable. This rich luxurious green is a sensuous shade of jade, kelly or shamrock green. It is fitting for it to be on this list on this day.



6. 1955 Trav-Ler 55C42 - Here's a rare one from the early days of Retro Radio Farm. Back then, our eyes were in a different place. So, we didn't think too much when this one found a new home. We thought we'd come across another one. Boy, were we wrong! This was the last one we've had, or seen since.

You may not think this radio is special. It's a cacophony of angles and curves. Not very sleek looking with its square heavy looking clock pasted right in the center. The green shade is just an ambivalent side note. Not a single design choice seems to tie-in with any other. But, that is why this design deserves recognition. Because it tries so hard, but ends up looking kinda homely.



5. 1947 General Television Model 5A5. This radio benefits from great DNA. Great color, proportions, styling, materials, and very rare. Not to mention great engineering, serviceability and performance.  It's hard to find anything wrong with it. Except, maybe if you're lucky to find one, it'll probably be expensive. Go ahead, tell me something you don't like about it aside from the price!


4. 1959 CBS Model T200 - A few years ago, this radio would have landed itself as number 1, 2, or 3 on our list. But, we have seen a few more just like it available for sale. Like everything else, rarity is key. This radio captures the fifties retro feel so perfectly and poetically, it is good enough to represent all 50s radio designs if I were to choose just one.



3. 1957 Motorola 56H - I think it was this model in this color that ignited the fire with me. Can't explain it, but you never forget your first one!




 2. 1959-1961 CBS Model C230 - Am I allowed to have a second first one? If so, this would be it! (I suppose, some things are better second time around?) This model in this color was a fixture in our secret stash for many many years. Then, we found a few more. Hence, it drops to second place. This shade of green is particularly pleasing. It's like a grasshopper green.


1. 1948 Continental Model 1600 - This particular radio has graced our pages and ranking lists before. The never-before-seen-never-knew-existed distinction is lost with the appearance of others like it, but this radio has held onto its NBSNKE status for the longest time. Among not just green radios, this is the reigning Godfather of our secret stash!






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