Give My Regards To Broadway



"The Broadway" manufactured by Zenith in 1954 -1955. Came in green, white, red, and maroon.

Model R-511 came without preset buttons on top. 

Model R-512 came with a row of 6 preset buttons on top.

Color -suffix followed model numbers: (F) green, (W) white, (V) red, (R) maroon 

Molded in plastic, the R-512 with color matching back that was attached with two sheet metal screws. The R-511 did not have the color molded back. 


As with many radio designs of this era, these with 5 tube 30W superheterodyne AM receivers. Used 50C5 amplifier, 35W4 rectifier, 12AV6 (or 12AT6) triode, 12BA6 preamp, and 12BE6 converter. The speaker was 4" diameter mounted right behind the gold concave metal grill.

The model featured a convenient handle that expanded and collapsed from two stamped metal bases that were screwed into the top of the radio. Both R-511 and R512 had a thicker slightly raised section in the back to strengthen the top against cracks.

The right tuning knob was illuminated from behind by a No 47 pilot bulb that rotated in a semi circle with the radio tuning pointer. As the dial pointer traced the arc from 455 KHz to 1600 KHz, the bulb would light up a small section behind the plastic front bezel.

Typical maladies with the design first and foremost would be cracks on top. Followed by electrical malfunctions of various types; dried out filter capacitor, resistors gone out of spec, ceramic capacitors that have deteriorated. Silver migration is relatively common for the IFTs. The tuning capacitor mount ferrules tend to dry up and disintegrate causing the tuning knobs to feel loose or floating.

Stylistically, "The Broadway" is more staid and conservative looking that the Motorola's but not as conservative as the General Electrics. It was introduced in a period just before late 50s trends, but after post WW2 industrial that seemed characterized sometimes by deco and aviation related themes.

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