Buying Up A HUGE Collection

30 Year Trove of Radios Found In Home Of Eccentric Millionaire!

Truck Loads and Truck Loads of Radios Bought!

A couple years ago, we were contacted by a collector who had a huge collection of radios he had amassed over 30 years. We get emails like this all the time:

Not all these offers to sell radio collections pan out to an actual deal. Retro Radio Farm buys radio collections from all over the country in small and large quantities from discriminating collectors. 

The first step starts with photos. Here are the photos of this collection.

There were radios from every time period.

There were radios of all colors, Bakelite, plastic, and wood.


How many can you identify?



These radios were all neatly stored in a dry basement on shelves. Most were not piled one on top of another. They were not stored in piles on the floor which is disaster for the radio condition.

These pictures were taken of the shelves of radios that were easily accessible at the time. I would find out later there were other sections of his basement with radios not in the photos. I was able to buy these radios too but needed to load the ones in front on to the truck first!

These radios have been selling on our site for past few years but there are still many that have not been posted yet. Actually, this buy was several collections ago. We have bought other collections since then!

After some back and forth, I finally scheduled a date and time to drive out with my truck to pick up. It was a long drive but I managed to get there at the appointed time and date. 

These radios were stored in his garage next to his Corvette collection! There was a red 1963 split window vette on the racks by these radios. Sweet!


This millionaire collects many other things too not just radios and cars. He was gracious enough to show me around. He had rooms full of beautiful display cabinets with his eclectic collections. Can you see some other neat things?


I like to buy large collections of radios and pay one price for all of it. This allows me to pass on the value and savings to Retro Radio Farm customers. The collectors also say they like the ease of doing business with me and getting top dollar for their collection.

Some may consider this treasure hunt as fun but really it's a lot of work. And, transportation is very expensive. You take the good with the bad when buying collections. Many radios have issues that take several days or weeks to fix before I can sell it on the Retro Radio Farm site.

Stay tuned for information on other collections we have bought.

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