Siena Brown 1954 Zenith Model R615 AM Vacuum Tube Radio Beautiful Design! Loud and Clear Sounding! (Copy)

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Siena Brown 1954 Zenith Model R615 AM Vacuum Tube Radio Beautiful Design! Loud and Clear Sounding!

DESCRIPTION: One of Zenith's more cohesive looking designs with strong automotive and aviation themes. Tabletop tube AM radio manufactured by Zenith in 1954 in mint physical condition. Loud and clear sounding like Eddie Van Halen playing Eruption! This is a beautiful brown molded Bakelite radio through and through. No cracks, chips or major scratches anywhere. Original molded color not repainted no touch up and no over spray. Knobs are original and securely attached. Front outer perimeter gold metal inserts are not missing no waviness no dents. Gold metal inserts by knobs are not faded or peeling which is common. This radio is over 60 years old! The tuning dial pointer works fine no slipping no sticky spots. No squeaking. The 1954 models has CONELRAD ("CD") tuning band markings in case of emergency broadcasting of incoming ICBMs! This went away by 1958 Zenith R615 models. Much cooler with CD markings in my opinion. No dial light not designed with one but can be added for an extra charge. Red power light indicator works and lights brightly. Top handle is in excellent condition strong no rust no breaks.. The brand new replacement power cord and safety polarized plug is in excellent working condition no breaks no exposed wires no brittleness. The tubes are working fine. There is no loud or pervasive hum. There is no loud or pervasive static between stations. A very quiet set between stations which is good. The set has been aligned according to factory specifications. No missing factory labels. The radio has been thoroughly cleaned and inspected. The original backing board is present and intact no breaks no cracks securely attached. Corners have been reinforced. All wiring has been thoroughly checked for possible bridging and weak solder connection. Comes from non-smoking, mature, clean professional environment.

DIMENSIONS: Approximately 14" x 7" x 8" (l x w x h) 

COLOR: brown


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Product: antique radio, vintage radio, retro radio, vacuum tube radio, AM radio, art deco, mid-century product.

Category: radio

Cabinet construction: Bakelite

Period: 1950s

Country of manufacture: USA

Electronics: Mounted circuit board or chassis. Vacuum tube circuit.

Vacuum tubes: tested and working. Amplifier, converter, detector, pre-amplifier, rectifier

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