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Add Bluetooth

Retro Radio Farm Service
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Allows you to stream your music wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled device. Most of our customers over the years have chosen to add this upgrade when they buy a radio from us!


This is our most popular service option for customers who send us their radios!


Most people who buy radios from us choose this upgrade!


Just turn on the radio, pair your Bluetooth device, and hit play!


Works well with any Smartphone iPhone or Android, iPad tablet, laptop or desktop computer!


No software needed! No special device configuration needed! Just pair your device to the Bluetooth once and done!


No external mounted Bluetooth receiver, cable, or batteries to recharge!


Our exclusive design is integrated and inside the radio!


YOUTUBE video demonstration here


HOW TO PROCEED (if you want to send us your own radio for Bluetooth upgrade):

1. You must have a working radio to order this upgrade.  Even if it's working, your radio will need stage voltage tests, tubes checked, capacitor and resistor checking and replacements as necessary, cleaning, and alignment to normal safe operation. Here's our Electronic Repair and Restoration Service.

The Bluetooth upgrade will not work properly if your radio is not working!

2. Add this service to your cart

3. Add any additional upgrades from our service menu.

4. Pay for service(s)

5. You will receive an email with shipping address

We do not provide our shipping address until after your order is placed!

6. We will reach out to you if we have any questions.





HOW TO PROCEED (if you want to add it to one of our radios you are buying): 

1. Click Add to Cart in your radio order

2. Add any additional upgrades from our service menu.

3. Proceed to checkout


Oops! I forgot to add the Bluetooth!

No Problem!

-If you decide to add Bluetooth after you've placed your radio order, we can try to accommodate your request as long as the radio has not been shipped. Contact us. Please include your order number.

-If you decide to add Bluetooth to some but not all of the radios you are purchasing from us, contact us to tell us with which one(s).




-Internal and integrated Bluetooth 5.0 module

-Internal 5V power supply


    LEAD TIME: Please allow up to 4 weeks turnaround time for upgrades.

    DESCRIPTION: Switch from Bluetooth MP3 to radio with rocker switch installed on back panel. Volume adjustment is achieve using radio original volume control. You can also adjust volume from your iPhone, iPad, laptop or computer player device.



      • Bluetooth Version: 5.0
      • Frequency Range: 2.4-2.480 GHz
      • Transfer Rate: max 24Mbps
      • Bluetooth Mode: HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP
      • Bluetooth Range: Up to 393 feet
      • Battery: none

    AUDIO QUALITY: Although vacuum tubes reproduce analog signals very well, the audio signal is driven through the radio original speaker cone. These radios were intended to be tabletop radios used in kitchens, on desks, etc. not as high fidelity home stereo systems. The vacuum tube circuitry functions as a digital to analog converter. The small digital fractions that comprise all digital music are effectively "smoothed" by the cathode-anode high heat electron flow through a vacuum tube. Through the speaker, the analog signal will sound more warm and organic. However, modern circuits have more sophisticated frequency equalization, noise filters, compression and so the sound reproduction may be better balanced. Old radios tend to suffer from neglect and years of storage in questionable environments so the electrical characteristics of all the components will suffer drift from specifications to a greater or lesser degree.



    Here's a comparison chart between Bluetooth and WiFi


    MODIFICATIONS: A 2 position switch is mounted to the back of the radio on the backing board or back cover.  No other external modifications are performed.

    DISCLAIMER: My goal is make the placement of the switch as inconspicuous as possible.  I strive to maintain the originality of the radio as much as possible. All electronic modifications are reversible to some degree. All vintage radios are different in physical and electronic characteristics. Modifying them to play Bluetooth will require a different approach for each radio. The modifications performed are not done by a machine. I perform these modifications myself using simple tools based on my years of experience and technical know-how. As such, there will be variations in the final result for each radio. Each completed piece with be one-of-a-kind original!


    OPERATION: In paired mode, audio sound from your iPhone, iPad, laptop or desktop computer is heard through the radio.


    ORIGINALITY: Once the radio is modified for Bluetooth input, it cannot be reversed without replacement or restoration services or both.


    RETURNS: This Bluetooth MP3 modification service is not refundable.


    DISCLAIMER: Use only as recommended. Not responsible for damage to your music player, MP3, other device. Not responsible for damage to your radio as a result of using non recommended music player, input device, MP3, or other device.

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