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2 Year Extended Warranty

Retro Radio Farm Service
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$ 49.00
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$ 49.00

Buy an extended warranty for your radio! This warranty replaces the original manufacturer warranty that has expired decades ago!


Parts and labor:

-2 yr warranty covers replacement of all electronic components due to normal wear and tear

-Free replacement of vacuum tubes due to normal use

-Free Replacement of capacitors, resistors, and wiring due to normal wear and tear


Discounts on labor and parts due to accidents:

-20% discount on services and parts due to normal wear and tear

-Broken cabinet, chips, cracks, dents

-Missing parts, knobs, switches, etc


How it works:

-Customer buys extended warranty in increments of 2 years each up to 5 periods (total maximum 10 years)

-Customer pays extended warranty at $49 per period up front or before expiration date of previous extended warranty period. Extended warranty cannot be purchased for a radio that has lapsed in warranty coverage or that has never had warranty coverage through Retro Radio Farm.

-Customer provides order number, make, model, date purchased, amount purchased, name, address, email, telephone during warranty checkout in cart notes field.

-Retro Radio Farm provides customer with unique warranty number (# six digit number)


Terms and conditions:

-Warranty applies to radios purchased from Retro Radio Farm, LLC

-Buyer pays shipping to seller for all warranty claims including insurance

-Seller pays return shipping to buyer for repaired radio

-Approximately 2-3 weeks turn around time for completed warranty service. 3-4 weeks international.

-Extended warranty must be purchased up front

-Extended warranty must be purchased up front for any subsequent continuous periods for up to 10 years following initial 2 year warranty period.

-Extended warranty covers only each radio purchased from Retro Radio Farm. Additional extended warranties must be purchased for each radio.

-Extended warranties may be purchased for radios serviced through Retro Radio Farm

-Warranties are null and void if customer intentionally or unintentionally damages or misuses radio for purposes for which it was not designed

-Warranty does not cover damages due to flood, fire, Acts of God, riot, or war.

-Warranty is transferable to subsequent owners under existing current terms and conditions as provided by Retro Radio Farm

-Extended warranty has no cash value for unused warranty period. No refunds or prorated credits or refunds are provided for unused warranty periods.

-Warranty is not insurance policy. No reimbursement is provided by Retro Radio Farm, its principals, associates, or affiliates of radio loss, destruction, or theft.

-Warranty is voided if radio is repaired or serviced by third party or unauthorized repair person while under warranty period.



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