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Bluetooth Receiver Transmitter

Retro Radio Farm
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Compact, easy-to-use Bluetooth 4.0 receiver. Allows wireless connection from your iPone, iPad, Android, or any Bluetooth enabled device to play your favorite MP3 or MP4 audio!

Connects to your Retro Radio Farm radio through 3.5mm plug. Just pair your audio source player to receiver and you're ready!

Model numbers and/or brand of bluetooth receiver may be changed or substituted without notice due to unavoidable concerns or market conditions. Retro Radio Farm appreciates your understanding.

Bluetooth-enable 3.5mm Media Devices

Built In Battery for Portable Use.

Easy to Shift Between Transmitter(tx) and Receiver(rx) Mode.

It's Not Just a Bluetooth Transmitter, But Also a Receiver

Wireless Connection

Easy to Use!


BLUETOOTH 4.1 RECEIVER: Bluetooth 4.1/HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP. Up to 33ft connection range with low signal delay.


DOUBLE LINKS & WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Portable Bluetooth Receiver can connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time. Compatible with most smartphones and Bluetooth electronics. Ideal for home or vehicle audio systems and wired headphones. Connected with 3.5mm audio cable/adapter (included).


AUTOMATICALLY RECONNECT: Just turn on the Bluetooth of your cell phone. Then turn on the Bluetooth receiver. The Bluetooth Receiver automatically pairs!


EXTRA-LONG LIFE BUILT-IN BATTERY: Provides up to 10 HOURS playing time and only need 1.5 HOURS to charge it fully.


BATTERY LIFE: Eventually, the internal battery will not hold charge after prolonged use and numerous charge recharge cycles. This is inherent with lithium hydride batteries found in all your portable devices. This could happen over months or years depending how much you use and recharge your Bluetooth receiver. It is safe to leave the Bluetooth receiver continuously plugged into the Smartcharger so it is always charged.

BRAND: varies depending on availability



Bluetooth 4.1or above receiver/transmitter

USB-mini charging cable

3.5mm male-to-male cable adapter

Instruction manual


SMARTCHARGER (Not Included) Any household 5V smartphone charger will work (Input 110-120V AV, Output 5V 2A). Search on Amazon or Ebay: "Smartcharger"


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