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Retro Radio Farm Service
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How much is your radio worth? How much is your collection worth?



1. Valuation for sale

2. Valuation for insurance

3. Just curious



1. One page 500 word item description on Retro Radio Farm letterhead

2. 2-4 market comparables (i.e. Ebay, Etsy, CarigsList, Radioattic, antiqueradios, etc)

3. 10-12 digital pictures of comparable items exterior, interior, etc

4. Written appraised value, retail and wholesale

5. Signed on Retro Radio Farm LLC letterhead


How It Works:

1. You complete checkout

2. You provide your telephone number and best time to reach you.

3. You describe radio including make, model, condition, over the phone, or in writing, whatever is easier for you.

4. You send me a few pictures of the item's condition to You must reference your order number. It is a four digit number.

5. If possible, you upload a YouTube video of the radio working or not working.

6. I prepare the appraisal, perform necessary comparative analysis, including pictures, listings of similar models that are for sale or have been sold.

7. I send to you appraisal via electronic document



Due to market conditions, there are no guarantees your item will sell for the appraised value. The appraisal is just my opinion, in writing, of what your item is worth.


There is no need to send the item to me for appraisal. 



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