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Add Tuning or Clock Dial Light - NOT ALWAYS ON

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Add tuning or clock dial light to your vintage radio! 

This service upgrade is to add a clock or dial light to turn on when the radio is on. 


-Electronic upgrades for white LED light socket to be powered by clock internal power source
    -T11 6.3 Watt  LED bulb or a 47 incandescent bulb

    -Internal mounted light socket and wiring connection


    LED Color: HID White (6000K-6500K), Dimension: Dimension: 10mm X 29mm (0.39" x 1.14"), Life time: Up to 50K+ hours.



    LEAD TIME: Please allow 1-2 weeks turnaround time for upgrades. Please allow 3-4 weeks turnaround time during the holiday season.



    -These LED lights are generally available on Amazon, Home Depot, and Lowes.



    Back when these radios were new, lighted clocks were a rarity. Almost all clock designs were not visible in the dark. Yes, it's true. It's hard to imagine now with LED lighting that there was a time when all light bulbs were incandescent filament-based light bulbs. All filament bulbs generate light from a glowing wire that has current going through it. The filament eventually burns out and had to be replaced. 


    There were only a handful of lighted clocks that stayed lit all the time. The reason is because consumers would need to replace the bulb in their clock every few weeks or months since it was likely to be plugged in all the time. To avoid this constant bulb replacement, manufacturers opted not to have lighted clock dials.
    Radio dials were lighted only when it was turned on. Presumably, users would not have their radios turned on for 24/7. 


    Some manufacturers chose to work around this issue by offering phosphorescent glowing clock faces, clock arms or both. The difficult was, glowing clock components were not as bright as illuminated clocks.


    Even fewer manufacturers chose gas bulbs which were effective but expensive. Also, gas bulbs illuminated orange not white and were not consumer serviceable.


    Yes, this upgrade will affect the clock radio originality. But, the light and light socket harness is a reversible upgrade. Can be removed by a qualified technician without affecting the originality of the vintage clock radio.



    There are minimal risks due to heat compared with incandescent bulbs. LED lights generate very little heat. As a result, risk of heat cracks, electrical failure, shock, or damage to device and its surroundings is minimal.



    Internally installed light does not illuminate through opaque or non-translucent clock and/or radio dial faces. Light upgrade intends to illuminate through small gaps between clock and/or radio dial faces and chassis edges. Some models allow for more back lighting than others. The light upgrade is a best effort internal bulb placement to maximize illumination given different manufacturer and model design constraints. Clock and/or radio dial faces are not drilled out to improve back illumination. Some backlight upgrades result in little or no improvement in clock and/or radio back lighting.

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