Top 10 Pink Retro Radios

The Best Pink Radios Ever Seen

These are the top ten pink retro radios from our many years collecting radios of the 1950's and 1960's. These radios represent the finest ever seen. Pink radios came into vogue around 1959 and continued as the top color for radios through the 1960's. These represent the coolest, best and most unique designs for pink radios of this era. Who doesn’t want a pink radio? The color pink is known to produce a calming effect on the human brain and it also curbs your appetite. All of us at Retro Radio Farm definitely agree that a pink radio is the best radio choice for the new radio collector or anyone who wants to have a cool radio in their home.

10. The Watermelon Pink 1957 Olympic Clock Radio

Olympic Model 408 AM Clock Radio

This was a long-shot for this top ten list, as it is not really truly "pink". And yet we had to include it at number ten because the watermelon tone is just so unique. This rare and desirable model from Olympic was manufactured in the late fifties in a bright original molded watermelon pink. Yummy! like a Jolly Rancher Watermelon. The previous owner's great-grandmother used it back in the 50's and 60's. Manufactured in Long Island City, New York. How do you like that? Unusual offset clock design combined with its unseen bright watermelon pink hue makes this piece a one-of-kind radio design.

9. The 1957 Powder Pink Arvin Radio

1957 Arvin 5561 Tube AM Clock Radio

If the cars parked on your front lawn have no wheels but your house does, this is the clock radio for you! The folks at Arvin were taking lessons from an Edsel catalog when they conceived this hideous demon. This tabletop tube AM clock radio alarm manufactured by Arvin in 1957 is truly an unruly monster. Love the multi-level styling...  for no reason at all! The pale pink tone is more reminiscent of a baby pig than anything else. Oops, are you thinking about bacon right now? Sorry! We think that’s great, we like bacon at Retro Radio Farm!


Arvin Model 52R43 AM Tube Clock Radio

This one comes in at a solid number 8 on our list. A rare and beautiful model. The contrasting pink and brown is so typical of the times. This tube AM clock radio alarm demonstrates a thoroughly modernistic sensibility. It was manufactured by Arvin in 1964 and represents the best in Sputnik Era design. Totally modern, terrifically optimistic. With precision-themed instrumentation and a sleek look.  Can you feel the Count Down at Cape Canaveral?

7. Marilyn 1957 Motorola Alarm Clock Radio

Motorola 57CC Tube AM Clock Radio

This is one of the best radios ever manufactured. We love the design. It represents the late fifties by having more and better - of EVERYTHING! Like a 1959 Cadillac El Dorado, this radio is the pinnacle of excess, but in a good way. The modern spirit of optimism from that age is reflected in the fact that there is an appliance timer function in back. I'll bet it works if the alarm function works, but I cannot think of a good reason to use it nowadays. A pretty superfluous function even back in the fifties. But hey, why not have your radio alarm clock turn on your toaster?

6. Salmon Pink and White Twin-Tone Radio

1959 RCA Victor Model X-4HE Tube AM Radio

This tabletop tube AM radio was manufactured by RCA Victor in 1959. This radio is pink, although in a strange salmon tone. The uniqueness of the color  and its condition make this radio truly desirable to the collector. Reminiscent of two-tone cars and with the added "chrome bumper" make it sing.  The dial light illuminates the logo behind Filtermatic. Neat-o! This is a dual speaker system, which adds to the desirability due to the great sound that still emanates when played after all these years. When this radio was new, tail fins were all the rage! This thing belongs in a museum!

5. The Pink Clycloptic Bulova Radio

1957 Bulova Model 140 Tube AM Clock Radio

This one is one of our personal favorites, so pink and so gold, so gaudy! What’s not to love? Instantly transforms your hum-drum room into luxurious and decadent palace fit for Zsa Zsa Gabor. It’s so awesome that I will have to start smoking again,... with a long ivory cigarette holder, that is! This tabletop AM clock radio alarm was manufactured by Bulova in 1957. It is beautifully and intuitively proportioned but has a wild Cyclops eye ((o)).

4. Powder Pink Atomic Age Radio

1959 Admiral Y3354 Tube AM Radio Clock with Alarm

Another serious radio, this tabletop tube AM clock alarm radio was manufactured by Admiral in 1959. The design highlights the Gold with Pink trend in 1959. Look at the cheesy flowery lattice grill! Very Hollywood glam. Very Marilyn Monroe. Very Mid-Century Modern.

3. The Carnation Pink Westinghouse

1957 Westinghouse H-744T4 AM Tube Radio

This is a nice carnation pink Westinghouse tube radio. It looks like it belongs in the back seat on a Edsel. So retro! Unusual protruding controls panel. A classic tabletop tube AM radio manufactured by Westinghouse in 1957 and features an asymmetrical design.  

2. 1954 Panther Pink DeWald Clock Radio

1954 DeWald H528 Tube AM Bakelite Clock Radio

Tabletop Tube AM radio alarm clock was manufactured by DeWald in 1954. One of the earliest radios manufactured in pink, while 1959 may represent the peak of pink radio manufacturing, this gets a nod for being unique and ahead of its time. We love the dial and the rounded-bezel the clock face. It looks like submarine instruments stuck onto a pink radio. Genius!

1. The Pink Two Tone Travler and the CBS

Travler T-204 AM Tube Radio

959 CBS Model 2160 AM Tube Radio

Why two names for the same radio? The Travler radio company really hit the jackpot with this retro-futuristic design. It must have been an instant success. Made originally by Travler, it came in two, that’s two, two-tone Pink versions: a Black and Pink and a White and Pink color combination. This tabletop AM radio design, manufactured by Travler in 1959, was licensed to both CBS and Musicaire. No doubt due to the classic retro kidney-shaped chassis, the awesome pink tone grill and the miraculous tri-star dial, similar to the Mercedes-Benz logo. This radio will instantly transform your tabletop into the bridge on the Starship USS Enterprise.

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