Stunning 30 Year Radio Collection Belonging to a Retired CBS/Trav-ler Executive!


CBS Model 2160 (also Trav-ler T-204) is highly sought after for its instantly recognizable 50s charm. No other design like it then or since. CBS/Travler offered several designs that are favorites among collectors.

Trav-ler Karenola Radio and Television Corp was started in 1921. Best known for their portables back in the early days, the company also made table top radios and television. In the fifties, Trav-ler was acquired by CBS.  By mid-sixties, CBS stopped selling radios and televisions.

I was contacted a few months ago by George Schweitzer who recently retired as CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) Television Chairman of Marketing. He was responsible for launching 28 seasons of CBS Television. He was looking to downsize his collection of CBS/Trav-ler radios.

Here is an interview George did from his office back at CBS last summer. In the video, you will see many great radios and other artifacts in George's collection. Here's an article in Variety Magazine about George's career at CBS.

Retro Radio Farm frequently gets offers to buy rare and exclusive collections from all around the world.



Some of the radios you see in the videos and photos of George's office will be available soon.

George and I met at the Wilton CT train station. My son shot these videos of the exchange and our discussion. Please try and ignore the unwanted participants a few rows over.

Going through the radios one-by-one with George.

After the boys left, George and I were better able to hear ourselves think and we re-shot our discussion.

Here is a sampling of the radios I acquired that day:

1952 CBS Model 517A:


1954 CBS Columbia Model 5165:



1959 CBS Model 2160:



A bevy of 1959 CBS Model C230s:

1953 CBS Columbia 5440:



Watch for these and others on this site available for purchase. (unless they get detoured to my secret stash!)

 * * * * *

Business history has its strange twists and unexpected marriages. CBS exited manufacturing radios around 1965 and bought Fender Musical Instruments. Leo Fender founded Fender Music Instruments in 1946 and produced some of the world's most iconic designs.


Jimi Hendrix played this 1969 CBS Stratocaster in Olympic White at Woodstock. After many years of being scorned by loyalists, CBS Strats have found belated appreciation by a new generation of young guitarists who favor the big headstocks for their vintage looks.

Here's a pre-CBS two tone sunburst Stratocaster with minus sign serial number:

Made in Leo's shop June 1957 in Fullerton CA.

No, I don't have it any more.


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