Retro Radio Farm on History and Discovery Channels

Back in 2018, Retro Radio Farm was featured in an episode of Vintage Tech Hunters. This series is about two thrill seekers in search of treasure and rewards in old technology. They scour the country for old Macs, Nintendos, pinball machines, and other oddities, bring them back to life and try to sell them online, swap meets, collector groups, etc.

The camera crew spent a day filming in my workshop. I got to spend some quality time with the hosts of the show, Shaun Hatton and Bohus Blahut. The premise of the episode was Shaun and Bohus find an old radio at a flea market and bring it to my workshop where I repair it for them. Then they resell the repaired radio for a profit. It's a similar premise as Flea Market Flip or American Pickers, but focusing on vintage technology.

Here's more information on the series.

The subject radio is a 1957 Motorola Model 56H in turquoise. A very rare and desirable radio.

Here I am explaining the glamorous world of fixing old radios from my basement workshop. Note the celebrity style wardrobe and makeup.

Here's Bohus saying the radio on my bench could clear $250! The subtitles are in German because the series has aired in Germany.

I have not actually seen the episode because the series has not yet aired in USA. I've tried to watch it online but it seems I need some sort of subscription from Discovery Channel in Canada.

Here's the radio when it was for sale on their site:

More to come when I actually see my episode on TV! I will link to the episode when I get it.


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