New Innovation from Retro Radio Farm!

Internal Bluetooth!

Just flip the switch from radio to Bluetooth...

And Warm Glowing Tube Sound Fills The Room!

Maintains radio originality...
Works with any Bluetooth player
And noiseless...

Zero power supply hum or digital hiss!

No external receiver or peripheral devices
No hanging external cables
No external power supply
No batteries to recharge

 Turn On, Pairs Automatically, Plays Bluetooth Immediately!

 New Innovation from Retro Radio Farm!

Works with all manufacturer radios and models from 1930s to today! 

Our technology is a significant advance over other Bluetooth enabled vintage radios on the market today. Other upgraded vintage radios rely on external peripheral devices which are connected to the radio using a cable. A switch is used to select between normal radio operation and Bluetooth. Externally mounted receivers change the appearance of the back of the radio. Cables get damaged or lost. 


Our experience with engineering and testing of Bluetooth devices and radio electronics has resulted in a dramatic improvement over others. Our Bluetooth technology is completely housed within the radio cabinet itself. There's never a need to open the back of the radio to switch to Bluetooth. Just switch from radio to Bluetooth with the back panel mounted switch.

That's all there is to it!



Older designs that use an external Bluetooth receiver require recharging. The internal 5V battery in these external receivers lasts only 2-3 hours of continuous use. These batteries also have a lifespan of about 1 year of repeat recharging cycles. Our unique design does not use a battery. The Bluetooth circuitry is powered internally off the radio power supply.



Other solutions on the market require an external 5V power supply to recharge the little battery inside the Bluetooth receiver. This power supply can be plugged into the Bluetooth receiver to constantly recharge the battery. The external power supply causes interference noise with radio reception when left plugged in. Our design incorporates an active switch that powers on the Bluetooth electronics only when the radio is switched to Bluetooth. In normal radio setting, our Bluetooth circuit and power switch is turned off completely.

All our Bluetooth radios and Bluetooth upgrades moving forward will be using this new technology.

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