Mother's Day 2023

Honoring and Celebrating Mom on Mothers Day!

Old Photo Advertisement of Mother Baby and Old Radio

Happy Mother's Day!

Radios were a part of all our lives growing up. We all remember the sound of a radio playing in the background after coming home from school or playing outside. The sound of news, sports, old songs, and commercials was part of the audio tapestry of our younger years.



Mother and baby with 40s style radio



We associate the sound of these old radios with our childhoods... And our mothers.



Young Mother holding child with radio on dresser bureau



Mom listened to the radio as she went about her daily chores. If she worked, she would turn on the radio when she got home.

Mom had her favorite radio stations. Mom would allow you to play your music or sports stations if you wanted. But, she may change the station back to her station if you left the room.

It was her radio, and she was listening to it first, after all.


Young Mother dancing with child with radio


Mom understood how open the back of the radio and replace tubes. She knew how to pull out the tubes after they'd cooled down. She even went to the drugstore to buy replacement vacuum tubes!


Mother with child radio on end table



Mom picked out her favorite style radio. She was conscientious about not spending too much. She wanted a reliable model. She went with brands she trusted. Sometimes she liked going through the Sears catalogue.  She put the radio on her wish list, or bought one herself one day while she was out. You came home one day and saw this new radio. It would be a part of your family for years. You probably didn't pay much attention to it then.


Your radio looked more like this.


Old Fisher Price radio


But, as you grew up, Mom's old radio became a family fixture. In the kitchen or in the living room or bedroom, current events over the years were heard through that radio.



Mother sitting on couch with child



Eventually, you came home one day and the radio was no longer around. You probably didn't even notice. Then, one day during conversation someone asks about Mom's old radio. It was thrown out years ago. Or, maybe it was in the attic. Nobody had seen it for a long time.


 Mother with child old German radio in background


Later, you don't hear mother's voice everyday. Your mother and the sounds of childhood are what you come to miss. And, part of that is the sound of Mom's old radio.


Tell Mom you love her today. Listen to her when she tells you how much she loves you. And if you're lucky, give her a big hug!



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