Kutztown 2023 - With Retro Radio Farm

Kutztown Antiques Radio Meet - Sept 2023

Kutztown, PA is a small rural town near Amish country Pensylvania. Kutztown is the location of Kutztown University which is part of the Pennsylvania State University system.


Kutztown was founded by a man named George Coots back in 1755, whose namesake morphed into Kutztown over the years. 

Twice a year, it is home to the Delaware Valley Historic Radio Club (The DVHRC) radio swap meet which draws a large number of attendees because of its drivable location in eastern US.

Retro Radio Farm maintains a vendor table here on every occasion. But, our table is fairly modest compared to some other vendors.

Here's our bare bones setup.


Note the crowds swarming our table.


Here's some of the fancier vendor tables. What a big difference!




Arrive early for the best deals!

Things pick up on Saturday! Lots of folks arriving throughout the day...


Both pavilions were full!



Deals! Deals! Deals!




This rodent was guarding my horde!

He got so vicious they had to put him in his cage!

See y'all next time in Kutztown!





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