Getting Started With Bluetooth MP3



H166 DL-Link Bluetooth Receiver – Instructions to set up.


Your vintage radio has been modified to receive Bluetooth MP3 wirelessly or with 3.5mm to mono-RCA cable that is included.




  1. CHARGING: Make sure H166 Bluetooth receiver is fully charged by plugging in mini-USB to USB cable into any 5V iPhone, Android, or other AC Adapter. Take approximately 1 hr to charge. Turn receiver in off mode to charge. The red LED light will be on. If the blue LED is blinking, the receiver is in transmit mode. It will take longer to charge the receiver while it is also in transmit or play mode. When the H166 receiver is fully charged, the red LED light will turn off.
  2. Pictures of sample 5V household AC adapters from iPhones, Macbook, Amazon smartphone charger (not included)
  3. CONNECTING: Plug the receiver into the RCA socket on your radio using the 3.5mm to mono-RCA cable that is included. Set the rocker switch on the back of your radio to “PHONO” position.
  1. PAIRING: Turn on the Bluetooth receiver with the slider switch located on receiver. The LED lights with blink red and blue alternately. On your MP3 player, go to Settings menu, select Bluetooth. If your device does not have a Settings menu, go to Bluetooth:
  2. Picture of Bluetooth universal symbol
  1. Your Bluetooth menu on your MP3 player device will list all the available devices. Select H166 to pair. The blue LED light on the receiver will be blinking when it is paired with your MP3 player.

PIN is 0000

Android Smartphone




You are connected!


  1. PLAYING MP3 MUSIC: Go to your MP3 Player menu, select your favorite music and play!

Your H166 DL-Link Bluetooth receiver can only pair to one device at a time. If you want to pair with another device, you must make sure other devices are not also paired at the same time by turning Bluetooth off on other devices or disconnecting H166 DL-LINK pairing on the other devices.


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