Found Old Radio Photos and Ads

Here is a great ad sent to me from a RRF fan. Looks like early sixties models.

Here's is a late 40s Philips ad of a radio that's the center of much purported talk:


Here's a group of hipsters around an old radio. Can anyone help identify? Note the woman on the right taking notes!


Here's a typical street scene back in the 50s. I love these 50s original photos that are not posed or contrived. Like actually getting a glimpse of any passing moment!

The blue car on the left is a 1957 Chevy Belair. The white and yellow cars look like Dodges or Plymouths to me. Royal Lancer? Fury?

I watch old movies just to catch glimpses of old cars and old radios and rarely, old guitars and amps. Never pay attention to the plot or the acting. Does that make me shallow?

Here's an old GE radio ad. The 500 series is a fan favorite. Sounds great with Bluetooth. Back then, the radio could be had brand new for $39. Nice. See the coed with Grandma's hairdo?

Here's an old Philips ad from 1934 in black and white. Model 634A. Note the unique spelling of the word: "programmes."  If my son spelled it like that now, he'd flunk!

Another very popular model from GE. This one is from 1951.

Here's an ad from the much beloved Fada line:

Here's another ad from the not-to-be-overlooked GE company. See the bathing beauty in high-waisted hot pants. Can you say "what's old is new again?" No piercings or tattoos either.

Here's a newspaper radio ad for Silvertone console and tabletop wood radios. "Make this your FAMILY'S Happiest Christmas." Many questions arise. Like, wonder if this is still true? And, what about people who celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Festivus? I'm pretty sure they need this radio too.

Here's 1946 RCA Victor ad for Model 66x1 and 66x2 in all the latest fashionable colors; brown and ivory.

Has anyone ever seen this radio?




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