1955 Zenith A615 - Futuristic Vision From Early Sci Fi Days!

 The Perfect AM Radio For Your Spaceship to Mars While The Earth Stands Still Or Collides!

1955 Zenith A615


This novel design from Zenith was introduced at a time when all things involving space were consumed with giddy fascination. Technology and modernism were center stage with post war households filling their homes with products advertised as miracles of modern science.

Stack of 1955 Zenith A615's


 Here's a tower of Zenith A-615's in a variety of available colors like a dish of Spumoni!

This boxy design features a curious looking elliptical tuning window that is prominently centered like an eye. It feels like it's watching you as you tune into your favorite broadcast channel! Available in red (A-615R), green (A-615F), gray (A-615G), and white (A-615W). Fairly large, it measures approximately 12.5" x 6.5" x 7.5" and almost exactly box shaped.



Other curious features of this design. The tuning screen is recessed into the cavity of the radio with no window cover or dial lens. Like the station numbers are floating in space! The bright orange tuning needle sweeps across the width of the broadcast frequency range. There's also a tone knob on the side and a tiny power light in front. Seems like this design would have benefited with tuning cavity illumination.



This is a rare model. Probably due to its unusual appearance, not many were made. In addition, this design is likely to be damaged in shipping due to its size and un-reinforced flat expanses of plastic surfaces.



Internally, this radio is a point to point wired circuit on a solid steel chassis. Standard 5 tube receiver design that pushes air with an elliptical oval shaped speaker that sits right behind the broadcast frequency dial screen. The bottom feet have soft little plastic nubs to prevent damage to your spaceship, a feature not commonly found.


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