Comparison Chart Between WiFi and Bluetooth

Here's a comparison chart between WiFi and Bluetooth:


Feature WiFi Bluetooth 
Sound quality Audio signal is streamed from the cloud to the radio in a digital format Audio signal is converted to a Bluetooth compatible format and transmitted locally to 393 ft
Range Select audio anywhere within your WiFi range distance (150-300ft) Up to 393ft
Grouped Allows grouping of speakers. All the radios in your house can be playing the same audio Paired singularly. Cannot pair more than one speaker at a time

No battery needed

No battery needed
Sharing Any device on the WiFi can play audio through the speakers. Player devices must be on the WiFi network to play. Only paired devices within range can play audio through speakers. Pairing must be disabled on one player when another player is paired to speaker.
Compatibility IOS, Android, PCs IOS, Android, PCs


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