"Man With 1000 Radios"

The Mother Lode of Radios Amassed Over 30 Years!

Retro Radio Farm receives offers to buy entire collections all the time. A few years ago, we were contacted by this collector. Here's the initial contact email:


This saliva inducing email resulted in several trips to this man's house. In the end, Retro Radio Farm bought them all. Except, there was a sale at one point when some other folks came out and bought a few. But, we got most of them! Here's some pictures taken of that collection:


During COVID-19 pandemic period, we wore masks as we loaded radios onto the back of our truck!



See any you like? These have been posted on our site over the years. Some are still awaiting restoration and repair and will be posted over time.



Some were found to be damaged beyond repair. These will go into parts stash.


Many of these old relics were stored for 3 decades pretty much unused.



The radios stored in the garage suffered more deterioration than the ones stored in the house.


The man's original intention was to repair and restore these radios as a retirement side hustle. But, he told me things changed. So, he wanted to get rid of all of them.

Here's the ad for the sale the man posted several years ago:



So, now I am the man with MORE than 1000 radios!

My wife says I'm crazy. She has no idea!





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