About Us

Thank you for visiting my online store! My store is dedicated to collectors and aficionados of antique radios.


I work on any radios manufactured prior to 1980. Manufacturers such as; General Electric, Philco, Admiral, RCA Victor, Westinghouse, Motorola, to name a few. There isn't a manufacturer I wouldn't work on! The more obscure and rare, the better!


Any construction material; Bakelite, wood, or plastic.  Any style or style period; art deco, modernistic, retro, industrial, pre-war, post-war. Vacuum tube and transistor electronics design. Circuit board or chassis point-to-point wiring.


I am an electrical engineer and IT industry professional for over 20 years. Repairing, restoring, and tinkering with these old radios is a hobby of mine. I repair these old radios out of my garage workshop located in Connecticut USA. I have sold hundreds of these old radios over the years.


Restoring these old glories is my hobby and a labor of love. It is not my primary business. I enjoy every aspect of this endeavor from buying to repairing to selling. I would be interested in hearing the experiences of others about anything related to this hobby whether it be collecting, restoring, appraisals, etc.





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